It’s overwhelming to think how different life is in each one of the nooks of this, our curious and delicate blue sphere. On our journey, our mysterious walk. It’s surprising to see how difficult it is to appreciate a beautiful sunrise, a sip of water when one is thirsty, to celebrate the revival of a flower after a light rain. Without being aware, in the blink of an eye you realise that the fearsome wave already swept long ago. A long time ago we were dragged on its relentless eagerness and egocentric frenzy. Yes, even you, even I; we were trapped on this insane swell. We accept the fact that we live, while others survive. We do not question if it’s fair, that there beyond these false borders, a person with forty springs is already an elder, or the fact that surviving the first few winters is a matter of luck. It no longer matters if the Ebola virus ends up with beings who love each other, the key is whether or not it will be able to penetrate the surface of our bubble.


It’s overwhelming to think how different is life in each one of the nooks of this, our beautiful and whimsical blue sphere. Even you, even I, we long ago settled without caring beyond our warm shelter. There, where it is savoured the fruit just fallen from a tree, there, where people around you care, where it is worth it to strive, to steal a sincere smile from a stranger. There, where a new day is a new opportunity and where water is life. Even you, even I, we forget the fact that we are all one, we are the sea, we are the wind, we are the trees, stable and proud, we are the birds that fly with the first lights. We are the crags that have seen ourselves grow, sad to look at how stupid we minuscule humans have become, bent on creating borders between each other, absorbed unto themselves. Greedy.


Even you, even I, must remember that we are all one, in this our dance, embracing the fragile blue sphere.


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All images © Contemplate the Planet

Photographer: Javier Pérez-Cuadrado de Santiago